The IBPA 1999 General Meeting in Malta approved the inclusion of the  following advice from the 1998 AGM in Lille as good practice for  members, and added item 10:

1. Facts such as details of an actual deal are not copyright;

2. Editors should not copy the words of a named author without crediting  the author in the case of an extract or asking permission in the case of the bulk of an article;

3. Authors who send the same words to more than one publication should tell the Editors what they have done;

4. Analysis of a deal is not copyright;

5. If an author is employed then ownership of copyright is a matter  between the author and employer, but others may work on the assumption  that it is the employer who owns the copyright, particularly where the  author is unnamed in such publications as Tournament Bulletins;

6. Further to this it could be good practice for such publications to have a clear statement regarding copyright of content so that contributing  authors and prospective users of copy knew the published conditions;

7. Authors can give permission to specified third parties such as "other IBPA members" to reproduce their work;

8. IBPA is a memberĘs club where there is an assumption that the IBPA  Bulletin may reproduce members work without payment or permission,  but readers of the Bulletin must treat copy in the Bulletin as having  the same copyright as the original work;

9. Invented deals such as Par Hands or Double Dummy Problems should be treated as words, and subject to copyright.

10. When third parties ask the permission of an Editor to reprint published material, the Editor should make it clear that the author's permission  is also required unless the publisher clearly owns the reprint rights.

  International Bridge Press Association