The International Bridge Press Association is for bridge media peoples benefit.  The main benefit of being a member is that you get access to a network consisting of 300 useful fellow members in all corners of the world and thereby prime access to news and views.

Another benefit is the awards for the best bidding, play, etc. The winners get prizes, and the other members get good copy. IBPA cooperates with the Hainan Bridge Festival (HBF). This cooperation gives many advantages to members, see further the Award Benefits document and the recap of the Awards ceremony in 2018.

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Full membership is available for professional bridge media people. You can check if you are eligible.

Associate member
Anybody with interest in IBPA's activities can apply for associate membership.

You can email to IBPA's generic email address mail@ibpa.com or (preferably) use the direct email addresses that you find on the Organization page.


IBPA Personalities of the Year

Anshul Bhatt (India) & Christian Lahrmann (Denmark)

The Alan Truscott Memorial Award

Marek Małysa (Poland

The Master Point Press IBPA Book of the Year

Bridge with Another Perfect Partner by John Carruthers (Canada)

The Justin Lall Memorial Declarer Play of the Year

Terry Brown (Australia), journalists: Ron Klinger, Liam Milne, Julian Foster (Australia)

The Gidwani Family Trust Defence of the Year

Boye Brogeland (Norway), journalist John Carruthers (Canada)

The Yeh Bros Best Bid Deal of the Year

Alex Gipson, Paul Gipson (Scotland), journalist Barnet Shenkin (Scotland)

The Richard Freeman Junior Deal of the Year

Ben Norton (England), journalist Paul Barden (England)

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